Indoor Wood Signs

Indoor Wood Signs


We can create you favorite logo or business logo to display in your office, man cave, or wherever you see fit.  These are created to be placed indoors.  You have the option of just cutting out the logo,  placing it on a wood background, or a outlined background. Background wood type can be chosen on all signs. Circles will not have a boarder.  All signs will come shipped ready to hang. If the sign is heavy (30″+ to hooks will be placed to distribute the weight better).  We can Carve into signs with our CNC, or make the signs 3D with our laser.  Please specify your preference.

HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR A CUSTOM WOOD SIGN:  Because these orders will be fully custom.  Please list the colors your want the details of your sign, as well as attach a file with the image your wanting.  Even if it is drawing that you have drawn.  There are just so many possibilities that I didn’t want to clutter up this page with options.

Stain Colors / Paint Color for Background*

Choose Stain Color: If you are wanting a different color than the options, then please note that in the personalization section.

Carved / Laser engraved / 3D cutouts*

Please specify how you would like your sign created. Carved and laser engraved is usually 1 layer cut into the background depending on your logo your wanting.

Background type*

Please choose how you would like your logo displayed. If you want just your logo then the logo will be cut to match the shape you send. Please note the Circle background will not have a boarder but will be glued together. (Jeep / Patriot Radio Picture)

Wood Type*

Pine is the standard background if a background is required. If your sign requires no background please select no background. If you choose Walnut or Cherry These wood will not be stained and you will need to select natural for the stain/background colo


Please upload a PNG/JPEG file of the Logo you wish to be completed. A proof will be sent to you within a day of you submitting the order.

Personalization *

Please list any other information you may want to add regarding this order. It would speed up the order process if you specify what colors you want used for you logo for each detail. (ex. details: Laser engraved, Blue top line, Grey second line, Blue 3rd

Total: $25.00
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Once the order is placed you will receive a email with a proof to approve before we begin creating it.  You may also receive a email asking for more details or clarity of your order.  These items will be made and ship to your door within 2 weeks depending on the amount of orders taken in at the time of your order.


12", 18", 24", 32"

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