Cutting Boards

Currently sold out!!!!!

We make handmade cutting boards in 3 common sizes, 12″ long, 18″ long, and 24″ long (these are just suggested sizes as they all vary slightly from these dimensions). Most of the boards are 1.25” thick, except for the bigger sizes and we tend to do them at 1” to reduce some of the weight. We can add handles and personalization to any board we create for a $10 surcharge. These boards are made from a variety of hardwoods. Here is a common list of hard woods that we use: Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Maple, and Purple Heart. We have some live edge maple at the moment that could be used for Charcuterie boards.

Any board listed are a one of kind board!! You will receive a small batch of our board conditioner with any order, and instructions on how to maintain a healthy cutting board.